About me...

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Journalist, artist, wifey, mom & general lover of life.

I'm a freedom-loving gal based in Oshawa, Canada. I live by the great Lake Ontario with my biggest crush, and our two supremely cool kids. I'm a British-born Canadian with Indian parents from east Africa, and my other half is west African from Portugal - I like to think of us as citizens of the World. I live life with passion and authenticity. I am also an avid lover of coffee, chocolate and books (oh, and red wine).


I'm a trained journalist (MA Journalism, University of Western Ontario; Poynter Institute Summer Fellow), and I love to write and edit. After living and working as a journalist in London UK for 4 years, I came back to Toronto with my fam, went freelance, and soon landed myself the cool ongoing gig of Editor of the monthly British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, which I've now been doing for 5+ years. As of August 2017, I'm also the Editor of the monthly Journal of Paramedic Practice, and the online quarterly, International Paramedic Practice. Other than that, I write columns, edit some other bits, and am also a visual artist/painter. If you want to hear from some people who have worked with me, visit my TESTIMONIALS.