Angie Lam, R.N. - Hong Kong


Amy was a perfectly healthy 14-year old teenager. She was a sarcastic girl who rebelled against her mother badly. But despite Amy’s flaws, Amy’s mother, Linda, loved her unconditionally. 


Unfortunately, one day, Amy was in a car accident and was critically injured. She was sent to the intensive care unit of a large academic hospital in Hong Kong. Amy was presented with a grave prognosis despite intensive resuscitation and multiple surgeries. The doctor confirmed that Amy was brain dead.

Amy was being kept alive only by the use of a life-support machine, and the option of organ donation was brought forth to Linda. Linda was so shocked to be unexpectedly faced with such a decision to make alone. The transplant coordinator asked to invite Amy’s father to take part in the discussion as well. “He’s in jail,” Linda replied.


Amy’s family had a tough time in life and tremendous financial hardship. Because of financial difficulty, Amy’s father figured out a way to smuggle electronic devices. Unfortunately, he was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in jail.


The transplant coordinator contacted the correctional centre swiftly and Amy’s father was allowed to see Amy for a final visit. Amy’s parents finally gathered at the hospital to say their tearful goodbyes to their beloved daughter, with the consent to donate Amy’s organs. They decided that this was a way for them to see Amy live on in some way.


For me, it was a miracle to see the family spread their selfless love and a new lease of life to others at such a difficult moment in their own lives. Their decision was a true blessing and lit up the lives and hope of others with beautiful gifts from their daughter, Amy. 


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