I provide fast and reliable editing services, including fact-checking, author liaison, referencing, proofreading and finalizing so that my clients can focus on the many other tasks associated with sending their publications to press.


I ensure text is accurate, accessible and suitable for its readership. I work with the author to ensure the text is engaging without changing the meaning or tampering with the writer's personal style or tone.

In addition to editing for clients, I'm the Editor of the British Journal of Cardiac Nursing - a role I've been enjoying for 5+ years - and the Editor of the monthly Journal of Paramedic Practice and its international quarterly since 2017.



Art is one of the great loves of my life. I make wall art and faux fur accessories, and have recently launched this as a commercial hobby alongside my writing and editing services.

I create customized and colourful name letters on my signature black and white designs - which are extremely popular for kids' walls - and I paint vibrant figures and cityscapes, both in adults' and children's themes (image shows some of my work).


I use everything from colourful acrylics and oils, to bold markers, and chalk, and have been known to add physical objects to my canvases to create depth and character. My online art shop is currently under renovation and will be back up for you soon.




I carry out thorough reporting, using multiple sources of research and interview, for each of the many original articles and regular columns I write every month for both new and regular clients.


I have written for a range of publications, mostly within the areas of psychology, health and nursing, but have also reported on local news and arts. My articles may focus on anything from government policy in healthcare to the psychological impact of living with a terminal illness. On occasion, I have also provided medical writing services such as research evidence reviews.


Most recently, I've been delving into the writing of a non-fiction book inspired by my blog, Yellow Lyme.