Use your indoor voice... and your outdoor face

Can you believe it's taken me until 2013 to write my first blog post? For someone who writes as much as I do, I could easily be considered at least 10 years late. So what's taken me so long? Quite simply, my authenticity has screwed me big time been a double-edged sword of sorts. I've never been able to understand the need, nor find the justification, to adjust my identity based on the circumstances I find myself in.

For as long as I can remember, I've been told to behave like this when the guests come over, dress like that when I see the cute guy, behave like this and dress like that when I go for my job interview. Even the city of London cleaned up, planted flowers and allocated officers to smile and be nice to visitors for the Olympics last year. I mean, what London is that? Not the one I live in, that's for damn sure.

And if our real-time public profiles weren't enough to worry about, now we have virtual profiles to manage too. We use them to communicate and express, but which self is the one we should we use online? The one that meets social media etiquette and doesn't violate our company's employee policies, one that's real enough to satisfy our (dramatic teenage) need to (over-) express, and connect (constantly) with our friends, yet appropriate enough for work managers, colleagues, family members, even our kids to see without consequence - (and God help you if you belong to a religious community!).

Am I the only one that finds these rules exhausting? I mean what happened to the golden advice, 'just be yourself'? Ohhh I see, you mean the self I'm supposed to be in this particular situation, okay cool. Well, not so much. So what brings me here now? They say the 30s are the best years because, frankly, you're past the age of really giving a toss. It appears I'm 30 now, so here I am, finally attempting my first blog, being a hopefully more appropriate (but obviously not) version of myself, and hoping I don't lose my job, friends or family as a result.

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