I am not my hair,,,

You would just not believe what I've gone and done... That's right, I've chopped off my hair...!

It was annoying me. Within half an hour, I was at the salon. Didn't think about it, didn't talk to anyone about it, just did it. This impulse move got me thinking, what is it with us women and our hair? We feel stuck in a rut, we highlight our hair. We have a baby, we cut it short. We go through a bad breakup, we chop it all off (don't worry, I've not gone through a breakup!).

Some women simply want to cut their damaged ends for a healthy look or might want something more manageable, some just crave a change.

For others, it comes down to control. In our sometimes chaotic lives, it can feel like everything is out of our hands. Our hair is one of the only things we have the freedom to change with only superficial consequences. Many of the women I know who have gone and had a drastic haircut after a breakup had been with men who preferred longer hair and made them feel they couldn't cut it without compromising their femininity or physical attractiveness. Whether or not this is the case, after any relationship ends, a haircut can be a sign of freedom, symbolically cutting the shackles of the relationship and being liberated from emotional baggage.

For others, a haircut or hairstyle change can be a need for individual expression.

In my case, my life is different than it was before. Not only do I have a 7-month-old baby who has dibbs on my time over blowdrying and straightening my hair, I also feel different. I spend my time doing different things. Playing, writing, making things. I have creative juices flowing that had been dormant for a while. My outside appearance no longer felt in sync with the new energy running through me, so I chopped my hair off. It feels amazing. Light, fun, free. And feels like 'me' at this moment in time.

Us women are complex animals, and for many of us, a haircut is not just a haircut. In the words of India Arie, 'I am not my hair'... but, I kind of am.

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