Hazards of being a woman...

As I sit here writing this post, I feel guilty that I'm not using my daughter's nap time to clean the kitchen. Why? Because I'm a woman. I'm sure if I was a man and I knew there was a window that needed fixing or a table that needed assembling, I would feel equally guilty if I was watching football - then again, probably not.

Why is it that we women, however modern, feel like society (however 'modern') expects us to do three things: make babies, cook eats, and clean stuff. When we make the choice not to do one or all of these things, we feel like everyone is watching disapprovingly and whispering something or the other about feminism gone too far.

I for one hate cleaning. And I've always felt that it makes me less feminine somehow (that and my enjoyment of a girl named Stella Artois). I know women who absolutely love to clean. You know the ones, always (neurotically) joyfully (and compulsively) cleaning not only their own houses, but other people's as well (if you're reading this, do come over!).

I wish I could be like that (not the neurotic part per se but) - I wish I could find the joy in cleaning. I've tried everything. I've bought myself fun and colourful cleaning stuff to trick myself into thinking it's fun. I've tried to think up big-picture philosophical meanings behind cleaning that will make it feel more important. I've looked up cute cleaning schedules on Pinterest.

I was chatting with my cousin the other day about my minor Pinterest addiction interest, and she said she thinks Pinterest is run by a bunch of men plotting to get women to love cooking and cleaning house. Hah. Love the theory but if only it were that easy to domesticate me!

First of all, there are way too many quotes, clothes and useless bits of fun on there for me to spend too long on anything practical, and secondly, no matter how many cutesy housewife printables are available, I just can't shake my disdain for the C word.

I'm only adjusting to playing house, nevermind cleaning it.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a clean house as much as the next gal, it's just, there's so much else I could be doing with my time than scrubbing stuff. Of course now that I have an 8-month-old crawling around who eats everything in sight and has taken to sucking on my hardwood floors, yes, I make a point to clean more regularly, but I never get used to it. I keep waiting for my cleaning sentence to be up, and let's be honest, the job is never done. As soon as you finish something, you have to clean something else, and when you finish that, the first thing needs doing again. That wonderful sense of pride about my beautiful clean flat lasts for about 5 seconds before it's time to do it all over again.

I realise life is not meant to be all fun but I've always found it hard to spend any decent time or energy doing anything I don't love at least a little bit, not to mention doing it for the rest of my life! So, what am I to do? Send me your thoughts. In the meantime, I'm going to turn on Magic FM and dance around my house with a broom...

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