An overrated myth called security...

So, I’m moving back to Canada.

I’ve left a great job that I thoroughly enjoyed, I’m getting rid of most everything I own, packing up a few suitcases, my hubby and my little girl and I’m starting again. Exciting right? Totally.

But a large majority of reactions to my news have gone a little something like this:

Why would you leave a secure career?

Are you moving near your family? But then where will you live?

Do you have a job? But what will you do? How will you find work?

But you have a child to look after.

You’re settled here, why would you want to start all over again?

To clarify, I have absolutely loved my time in London. As I have loved many stages throughout my life. But then comes the time to move on, keep moving forward, continue to grow, change, improve and make choices that will keep me happy, and that will be right for my future and my family.

Don’t forget, I never would have been here to create the life I have now had I not picked up and moved here over 4 years ago. It took courage, it took faith and it took for me to leave behind and risk everything I had in my life at that time to come and build something new. I now have a thriving editorial career, a partner I want to grow old with and a gorgeous little girl who fills every place she goes with light (and noise).

I’m bringing all this with me and starting a new stage. A journey like this one is filled with uncertainty. It’s scary sometimes. It’s stressful and freaking exhausting, yes. But so is everything that leads to anything good.

There is something really comforting about when everything stays the same and feels familiar. People like to hang onto that, it makes us feel secure. But one thing we can often overlook is the stark reality that nothing ever stays the same, everything is in constant flux. The idea of security isn’t real (and if it were, God would life feel stale).

I could choose to stay here, hang onto my job, my flat, my stuff, my loved ones, essentially my life as it exists here in London. But my flat could flood tomorrow, I could be made redundant in a year and my family could move elsewhere. If everything is going to change around me, I may as well be in control of some of that change, and make decisions that fulfil me. For people who do actively try to keep things the same, I get it. But the moral is, a choice has to be made. Either life will happen to you, or you will happen to life. The fact is, something will happen - nothing will stop, everything will change, and where will you be in that dynamic?

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