How's the hangover? Join me post-New-Year's-Resolution rush...


This past Christmas, my cousin (in-law) told me that she would be saving her gifts to open on King’s Day which is today, January 6th. While I’m not a religious person and King’s Day means nothing to me at all, 6 is my favourite number and I do like the idea of extending celebrations in any way possible so I really appreciated this particular idea of hers.

Unfortunately, I was too excited to save any gifts for the extended celebrations of today but I do happen to have a bottle of Merlot which I cracked open so I could enjoy a glass for breakfast. As mentioned in my previous New Year’s post, I am striving for balance and it has been far too long since I started my morning in this way so here here to a balanced morning meal of Red.

After I finished this celebratory glass, I realized I’ve not made any concrete New Year’s Resolutions. I think the subconscious reason for this is that I have been around long enough to know that making a New Year’s Resolution on the high of New Year’s results in a really strong push of discipline which lasts about, well 5 days. So, I thought I would let the hangover of the first 5 days of January pass and save the task of resolutioning for today, January 6th.

Today I am vowing to do the following:

  • I will (re)implement regular exercise into my weekly routine.

I have rejoined the gym and have been prudent not to get stuck in there during the first-5-days-of-January-New-Year’s-Resolution-crowd rush. So, my first visit will be tomorrow by which time they will have all cleared out. Admittedly, I don’t plan to do any actual exercise just yet because I have booked a session with the gym staff who intend to change my life in 1 hour. They call it a ‘life-changer’ session – I’m a bit afraid because they will reveal my health age which is likely at least 10-20 years older than my actual age if my habits over the last few months are anything to go on. Nonetheless, it will ease me into the gym, hopefully scare or depress me enough to make me super-motivated and also ensure that any last remnants of New Year’s Resolution crowd clears out.

Okay, I realize this is only one resolution. But continuing in the realistic vein, if I make too many resolutions today, I’ll be overwhelmed and maybe fail at all of them. So, my experimental plan for this year is to see how I get on with this one resolution this month, and maybe consider another next month - New Month’s resolutions on the 6th of every month anyone? Hopefully each month will bring with it renewed enthusiasm, determination and discipline – and with any luck, by the end of the year, I will have achieved 12 small goals.

Wish me luck – happy 6th of January!

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