Living in perfect serendipity...

I've spent most of my life as an extremely logical and practical person. This will probably surprise a lot of people who know me because my life decisions often don't appear to make a lot of sense on the surface, and always appear to have come about quite spontaneously once I announce them. The thing is though, they make sense to me. And believe it or not, much soul searching, thought, and forward planning goes into those apparently spontaneous decisions. So far, this approach has served me well. But as I get older, I'm realizing more and more that some of the best decisions don't make sense. Sometimes, an opportunity arises unexpectedly, and jumping on it would mean throwing everything off kilter in your sensible sensical plan. But there is a perfect serendipity in that opportunity springing before you. And pushing it away or thinking that you can take it later at a time that makes more sense is probably a mistake. Now when I say opportunity, this isn't always something external to you. How many times do you have a sudden intense urge, motivation or inspiration coming from within that makes you want to do something? Like starting a business, going back to school, moving or even getting a divorce? But then you put it off, or maybe even away for good, because you think it doesn't 'make sense' for you in your life right now? Of course there are also external opportunities that arise everyday. This can be something little and seemingly unimportant like a last-minute coffee date invitation from a friend, or a chance to take your kids to a festival in the park when you were already on your way to their dance class which you paid for. Or it may be one of the bigger things like a job in another country, a love interest that makes your heart flutter but couldn't be more different from the guy you (or people in your life) think is right for you, or a volunteer opportunity doing something you're passionate about but that you can't seem to see time for among your many other life responsibilities. No matter what it is, it's a chance at a brand new experience filled with the possibility of inner fulfillment, growth and maybe even a new life direction. That is no small thing. You gotta ask why this opportunity is arising for you now, whether from outside of you, or from within you? Must there not be some reason in the mysterious flow of the universe why you are being presented with this choice? This is heady stuff, I know. But certainly worth thinking about! I'd love to hear what came up for you when you read this and gave it some reflection. Email me your thoughts, feelings and stories on this to with the subject heading: Serendipity

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